Laser Stretch Mark Removal

Laser stretch mark removal is just one of the many treatments that people look for to help reduce the look of these blemishes. This is a type of laser surgery and is not one of the most common forms of treatments for stretch marks. However, it is very simple and there are little to no side effects.

During the laser stretch mark removal procedure the dermatologist will use a concentrated amount of light and shoot a single beam along the length of the stretch marks. This beam of light will work to remove the top layers of the skin. These layers are thin and as they are removed the scar tissue will also be pulled off. When this procedure is finished the affected area will begin to heal immediately and new skin will replace the old damaged layer.

Depending on large and how long the stretch marks are will depend on how long the treatment will last. Laser stretch mark removal may take ten minutes or may be more than an hour. Some people will have to return and perform more than one sessions in order to remove all of the stretch marks. One of the best things about this stretch mark removal is that it is virtually painless. All you will feel is a small pinch where the light is traveling.

Side effects – which are rare – are scarring, bruising, blistering, and swelling. Anyone who has these side effects will usually have them for only a few days to a few weeks after the treatment is completed. Also the skin may have a different pigment – but this is temporary and the color should return to it within a few weeks.

The easiest stretch marks to treat using laser stretch mark removal are new ones that are red, purple, brown, or pink. Older stretch marks that have turned white or silver are more difficult to remove – but it can help to reduce the look of them. Laser stretch mark removal can cost between $400 to $1500 per session.