Cost Of Stretch Mark Removal

Anyone with stretch marks will do what they can to be rid of them. One of the biggest decision factors they consider when trying to choose what method to use is how much they want to spend. The cost of stretch mark removal is dependent solely on the method that you choose and what that method involves.

Cost Of Home Stretch Mark Removal

Home stretch mark removal remedies include creams, lotions, and other such products. This is the least expensive stretch mark removal that you can consider. Most of the products will cost between $5 to $170. Keep in mind that just because some creams are more expensive does not mean that they will work better.

Laser Stretch Mark Removal

This is actually one of the more expensive stretch mark removal treatments that you could choose. Each session that you use could cost you as much as $200 or more. This price may also depend on the type of dermatologist that you use.

Stretch Mark Removal Surgery

Chemical peels can cost anywhere between $75 to $600 per session that you use. Microdermabrasion can cost anywhere between $75 to $150 per session. Added on to these costs are certain products that you might be required to use and to purchase in order to help the skin to heal properly and to protect it.

Most insurances will not cover any cost of stretch mark removal surgery because it is considered to be a cosmetic procedure. Many people are forced to pay out of pocket for any session that it requires or they may be able to use special financing. This financing is only available if the dermatologist you use has special options or payment plans available.